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About Us

The Teddy Factory is a magical place where customers make their own plush teddy bears and animals. From choosing the bear 'skin' to stuffing, dressing and vocalizing their furry friend, shoppers are part of the whole unique, creative experience.

The owners of The Teddy Factory wanted to create an online website that they could be passionate about - something where the customers were part of an 'experience' rather than just a 'purchase'.

Make-your-own animals start in price from $25.00 and an exhaustive array of outfits and accessories are also available to make your new furry friend truly unique.
There is a large selection of different shapes and sizes of bears and floppy animals. This makes it easier for all bear and animal lovers to choose their own special new furry friend.  There are also classic New Zealand and Australian icons such as the cute Kiwi and adorable Floppy Kangaroo, which has a pouch to carry a Joey in or to hide away some treasure.
Every bear comes to life with a heart that has a wish made, stuffing then fills its belly and a birth certificate brings your special friend to life.
For more information on The Teddy Factory, please email
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